Team management in

Today we have honor of sharing new information about, the next big update is available online for our clients.  We have been working hard on clearing up bugs of the existing modules, as well as a few improvements and some user interface fine tuning. Thanks to all the people, who supported us with their valuable feedback.

The most significant change of this release is Team Management system.

It allows users to create their own team and invite members to have everyone on the same page. Trust is key to collaboration but having correctly set up user privileges is important for the project. Users will enjoy our advanced permission structure, which lets you set up individual roles and then assign users their rights within each project to which they are given access to. Store, organize, control and share all stuff related to the projects from one place.


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TMTools beta release available

We proud to announce that our The Mobile Tools, all-in-one service released.

The service currently is in beta-testing stage and each user can create only one application. We also do not recommend using service in production yet.

So, what is TMTools and how it’s working?

TMTools is a platform for developers, which provides number of services in one place.

Currently we support following services:

  1. Online language management
  2. Crash reporting
  3. Build sharing
  4. Analytics


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